About the Artist

I am skeptical of the rigidity of the individual. Having grown up walking, working, and playing on feet as well as hooves, I have never felt as though a person is limited to the confines of their skin.

My work employs modest materials, essential forms, and repetitive processes to explore self as an ephemeral summation of experiences in any one moment.

Remnants such as worn leather, musty twine, and mangled steel combine into distilled figures of vague and vulnerable memories. Interactive pieces mimic vending machines, asking the viewer to recall feelings of excitement in the useless. Installations marry new, used, and invented industrial equipment into complex living systems.

With each piece, I hope to reinforce the connections in my life and to help build bridges with the viewers out of our shared experiences.

Alex is an artist currently working and teaching in Greensboro, North Carolina. Her work is diverse in media and employs a wide variety of techniques: welding, casting, CAD design, drawing, and more.