Work [And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves]

This solo art exhibition was presented at the Beverly Perdue Art Gallery at Bridgewater College from October 5, 2022 to November 2, 2022.

Through my works, I investigate systems. Employing new and worn materials from manufacturing, agricultural, and cultural spaces, I question our desire to define ourselves. Cogs turn to no avail, old money falls to the floor to be discarded by a janitor, a vending machine spits out a golden, yet useless ticket. These works propose instead that identity is not something to be defined, but rather a fluctuating response to experiences and relationships at any moment in time.

Wiretap (2022) Automotive detritus, construction supplies, plastic

Joe Camel (2022) Foam, coffee sacks, automobile detritus, construction material, coffee beans

Functioning [Ten More Minutes] (2022) Bedding, foam, clothes. automotive detritus

Outsourceful (2022) Construction materials, twine, plastic, automotive detritus, wax, money

WFH [I’m Just Multitasking] (2022) Computer monitor stand, board, shipping materials, mixed media

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Staff Infection (2022) Shipping materials, hardware, paint.
Dark Money (2022) Ink of cuff
50¢ (2022) Carnival tickets, paint, ink
Packs [Its For A Good Cause] (2022) Used vending machine, tickets, paper.
That Bag (2021) Used agricultural equipment, money
Benchy Spinning Wheels (2019) Polylactic acid, car parts